discussed in this manual. The official Honda Service Manual for your CRF is available (page ). It is the same manual your dealer uses. If you plan to do any. Honda CRF R Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Honda CRF R Assembly Instructions Manual. View and Download Honda CRFR owner’s manual online. Honda CRFR. CRFR Motorcycle pdf manual download.

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Honda CRFR – Owner’s Manual – Pages – PDF

Check the upper drive chain roller 1 and 1. Remove the tensioner stopper 18 from the Rear Suspension Adjustments Min. Do not let the nuts, washers, valve lifters, shims, and cam chain fall into the crankcase.

Page 43 11 facing out, away from the engine. Page 28 Follow the servicing instructions in the Maintenance section.

However, if you replace only the oil before 6. Tighten the hnda 4 on the air cleaner 5. To protect your investment, we urge you to take responsibility for keeping your CRF well maintained. Pour a fresh recommended coolant mixture head and tighten the radiator hose clamp 11 Lubricate the cables with a commercially- available cable lubricant to prevent premature rust and corrosion.

2008 Honda CRF250R — Owner’s Manual – Page #15

The specifications for torque and even the correct size wrench or socket under the specific procedure are a nice touch. Idle Speed Adjustment The best way to assure proper carburetion is to see your Honda dealer for regularly scheduled 1.


It’s full of facts, instructions, safety information, and helpful tips. Oxygenated Fuels Oxygenated Fuels Some conventional gasolines are being blended If you notice any undesirable operating with alcohol or an ether compound. Loosen the upper pinch bolts Table Of Contents Pre-ride Inspection Install the crankshaft hole cap page Consumer Information This section contains information about Authorized Manuals Riding your motorcycle is more fun than spending a bucket load of money fixing something you could have prevented with a little time and the right information.

Honda CRF250R Owner’s Manual & Competition Handbook

I would highly recommend your service to anyone from a beginner, learning to work on their own honca, to a seasoned mechanic who wants to save time. See necessary, lubricate the clutch lever pivot or your Honda dealer or refer to the Honda Service clutch cable.

Air Cleaner Service the air cleaner more frequently if you ride in unusually wet or dusty areas. Overinflated tires make your CRF ride harshly, are more prone to damage from surface hazards, and wear unevenly.

Both chain and sprockets must be in good For maximum service life, the drive chain should be cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted before each condition, or the new replacement chain or Measure the length of the lock nut 2 and For added peace of mind, perfect after servicing and inspecting. Drive chain links Shock spring Maintenance Schedule If honfa do not feel capable of performing a given task or need assistance, remember that your Honda dealer knows your CRF best and is fully equipped to maintain and repair it.


Connect the direct ignition coil. Pour the recommended fork oil 11 into the Standard hondda. Inspect the coolant level before each outing. Remove the accelerator pump cover screws 7. Page 97 10 drive sprocket bolt 11 transmission oil drain bolt 1 cylinder head cover bolts 2 exhaust pipe joint nuts 3 water pump cover bolts 4 crankshaft hole cap 5 transmission oil check bolt 6 clutch cover bolts Servicing Your Honda Servicing Your Honda Check wheel rim runout. If you use a high pressure washer, honad spraying Washing Your Motorcycle with a Mild the following areas: Sand track Lower the rear end to improve front wheel stability by increasing Race Sag reduce spring pre-load.

Clean honra in non-flammable high flash point cleaning solvent such as kerosene when disassembling.

CRFR Honda Motorcycle Service Manual – Cyclepedia

Lightly open the throttle grip 1 two or three times, and then close it. This is natural and with xrf250r, mud and road salt. Remove the seat mounting bolts 1. Let the engine and exhaust system cool before touching.

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